Friday, September 10, 2010

Wow, time flies!!

You know, I honestly had forgotten all about blogspot; as is apparent by the date of my last post! I have had a blast for the last 45 minutes checking out everyones posts. I am going to try to get back on this blogging. I used to blog, but never facebook, now it is just the opposite! =P
Yet another school year has begun. This one was especially difficult for me because my littlest guy started kindergarten. He and I both cried for the first week, but we are now in a good routine. I am worried that he does not like his teacher because yesterday he came home and said he had really exciting news: "It is going to be the best day ever mom, Ms. Baker is not going to be there and we will have a new teacher." I asked him if he liked his teacher and he said yes, but he was just excited for a different teacher to be in his class. I am worried about this! He is in kindergarten, I do not want his enjoyment of school to be destroyed in his first year..Heck, Jarom is in 6th and still loves to go to school. I am hoping for that tradition to carry on in each of my kiddos. I always enjoyed going to school. I guess only time will tell. I do have the cutest pictures of my kids on their first day, but I took them with my phone, and I do not know how to put them on the computer?!?
Ok, I will call it quits for tonight, but I have much to catch up on. =)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Playing picture-catch-up!!

Ain't she a cutie-pie!

This is from clear back at Thanksgiving when we had Megan blessed.

My mom made her dress, it is so beautiful!! This picture does not show all the gorgeous and intricate details, but Mom did an AWESOME job!!

This is my beautiful niece Hannah. She is so calm and laid back; just the opposite of her cousin, my Megan.

Here is a very happy Grandma with her two
granddaughters! =)

These are the cutest pics of Megan and Hannah. You can tell as the pictures progress that Hannah is used to all the flashes of the camera..Megan however, quickly gets sick of it, and her cousin! =P

This is just the most adorable pic of Joshua right before I had Megan

Well, tonight my boys have their Blue & Gold banquet so I should have more pics. up before the end of the week. It is so hard for me to believe that I have TWO in Cub scouts. And one of these days we will get Gregory baptized..he only turned eight in November!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Quick note fyi....

Just a quick note to say we have not fallen off the planet since December. Our computer got hit with over 10 Trojan viruses and other bugs of the devastating kind so I have not had access to the Internet. I really have felt like I was cut off from the world!! Now I have a new computer and I will be getting back on the ball and playing catch-up. =) I even have a beautiful family picture to post from Megan's blessing day, but it will have to wait for later. Hope everyone is well and enjoying the not-so-new anymore year, our AWESOME (and I use that term loosely) new president, and Valentine's Day! =) =)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pictures with Santa

Well, we were naughty and kept the boys home from school today so that we would not have to fight the crowds to take a picture with Santa. This is our tradition dating back to December 1996, on mine and Paul's second date!! Of course once we started having kids, we decided not to pass it on to them. Usually we go out and buy nice, new outfits for the boys, but this year we decided to save our money and go with their Sunday clothes. Megan is wearing her blessing gown, that my mom made, with an addition that Paul thought wrapping ribbon and a bow that he found in the decorating section of Wal-mart. He is so creative! That blessing gown is SOOO beautiful and I am so glad she got another use out of it.

I have more pictures from our fun adventures in getting pics done, but I am needed by my Megan, so I will post them later.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Hardy Halloween

Well, I have waited a long time to post and I am embarrassed to say the least. I have so much news to blog about, most of it depressing, but I am only going to put up Halloween for right now. We decided, for the first time ever, not to take the kids trick-or-treating. Instead we went to our ward party and let them run amok. They had a blast and did not even miss walking around the dark, sidewalk-less streets and knocking on the doors of empty houses. Megan was not enjoying the evening anyway, so the party was about as much fun as I could handle. Our ward did an indoor carnival with candy as the prizes of the contests. Paul and I just sat with Megan and watched our boys run around the cultural hall playing and loading up on goodies. It was a very enjoyable evening. I could not get many pictures at the party, but I did get good ones of my boys.

I really do have the cutest boys EVER!! =)

Jarom chose to be a samurai, but only because he wanted the swords!

Gregory chose to be IRON MAN and Paul had to "install" a real working light on his chest so it would be more authentic.

Joshua wanted a sword too, but he chose to be a knight. Paul made improvements on his sword and shield too. Also, he used a helmet from an old soldier costume we had, spray painted it silver and velcroed the face mask to it! Paul also took Joshua's rubber boots and painted them silver to match everything else. He is so creative; which is great since I am not. =P

Megan was a little bunny. She hated her costume though and would cry when we put the hood on. I could not get any pictures of her on her tummy, she was not cooperating with me AT ALL. This was the only picture of her that did not have a screaming face! Someone at the ward party got a better one, but I don't have a scanner. =(
I really loved all the kids costumes until I saw my friend Susie QT's gorgeous homemade costumes. Maybe one of these days I will learn to sew! Until then, I will just have to keep Wal-mart in business during Halloween. =P